LUMIEN projection screens are the screens of high quality for business, education and home theatres.
Black reverse side - the bottom layer of projection screen fabric, painted black, which prevents the penetration of light and contributes to better reflection
They are produced on the basic of the present-day technologies and meet all the functional requirements.
The model range of LUMIEN projection screens includes three series – MASTER, CINEMA and ECO – and several types of screens in each of them.
Screens of    MASTER
LUMIEN MASTER projection screens are the traditional screens for business, education or home cinema. They are available in all popular aspect ratios - 1:1, 4:3 and 16:9 - and in all most actual sizes. Due to the strict design these screens easily integrate into any interior.
Screens of    ECO
LUMIEN ECO series are entry-level projection screens designed especially for the education market. Produced from the ecological materials they are in a high demand in the schools, colleges and universities.
Screens of    CINEMA
LUMIEN CINEMA projection screens are screens for watching films. Cinema series include a wide range of models of middle and upper price segment, including unique nonstadard ones of premium design.
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