MASTER series    
mobile - Portable


flame retardant
surface can be cleaned
mildew resistant
viewing angle 160°
Portable floor retractable screens for mobile presentations are the ideal solution for those who spend a lot of time on business trips. Thanks to their light weight, compact size and simple configuration these screens are very easy to transport and assembly / disassembly.


  • functional and convenient plastic carrying case is included in the delivery kit;
  • pneumatic mechanism provides a smooth extension of the screen;
  • compact and lightweight aluminum body;
  • the screen has two pull-out supports for the installation, which are easily moved inside the body when the screen is not used;
  • sliding supports for installation are equipped with adjusting screws to ensure the sustainability of installation;
  • Matte White FiberGlass projection fabric.

Table of models:

Product Code Total
size, sm
A x B
area, sm
C x E
Diagonal of the
viewing area,
Black border
around the perimeter /
on the bottom, sm
of the case,
Weight, kg Retail
aspect ratio 4:3
LMPR 100101 175х135 91x122 152/60" 2,5/66 120x144x1350 6.2 $551
LMPR 100102 203х159 110x146 183/72" 2,5/75 120x144x1590 7 $593
LMPR 100103 212х176 122x163 203/80" 2,5/66 120x144x1760 7,7 $644
LMPR 100104 235х216 152x203 254/100" 2,5/60 120x144x2160 9 $735
aspect ratio 16:9
LMPR 100105 178х146 75x133 152/60" 2,5/83 120x144x1460 6,5 $551
LMPR 100106 202х190 100x177 203/80" 2,5/68 120x144x1900 7,9 $644
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